The Travelling Ring

We would love to share with you where and how The Travelling Ring has travelled. Stay tuned to find out who is the new recipient!!

Karen gave it on the bus to Janie

Janie gave it at the airport to Michelle

Michelle gave it with a witches fingers at Halloween to Barb

Barb gave it with the Christmas cracker to Bette

Bette gave it with the Christmas cake to Debbie

Debbie gave it near Valentine’s Day with the glass heart plate to Marylou

Marylou gave it in a beautiful blue travelling jewel box to Ellie

Ellie, who still has it now, is deciding where it should go next…

Jodi, Julie, Susan S., Roz, Sharon, Gwynne, Glennis, Brian Susan, Charlene, Sheila, Sue, Anne, Denice, Nancy or Cindy??

Details above supplied by Debbie. Thanks Debbie!