Sisterhood of the Travelling Ring

In the fall of 2010, 23 interesting, intrepid women travelled together to Irresistible India through Women With Wings. The trip was escorted by Travel Concepts partners Cindy Horton and me, Ellie Hender. We started in the north, travelling for 2 weeks then flew south to Cochin to spend the final week in Kerala, supposedly relaxing a bit . . .

The trip was challenging – it was hot, humid, we had some long days in the bus, some bumpy roads and long line-ups at pit stops with a single “facility.” But the trip was amazing. There was time to get to know one another, to digest what we were seeing and learning, to feel the rhythm and appreciate the people of India. There were many serendipitous moments.

During the final week, we were all starting to go into early withdrawal at the idea of the trip ending and the group breaking up. We wondered how or if we would stay in touch once we all resumed our busy lives. One of our members, Karen T. stood up in the bus one day and gave voice to all our sentiments. And she had come up with an idea for staying in contact that she wanted to run by us all.

Karen had bought a lovely ring in India – a large and beautiful smoky topaz. She asked the whole group if we would be interested in using the ring as a way of staying in touch, but passing it from one to another, and so began the Sisterhood of the Travelling Ring. Karen gave it to one of the group that very day and now it has passed through several hands and has ended up in mine!

Each passing of the ring has taken a different shape, has been a surprise (I think) to each recipient, and has been such a warm and wonderful reminder of the life-changing experience which was Women With Wings’ Irresistible India trip 2010. The ring came to me on Friday, March 25 at a dinner party chez nous that included Marylou S., “Brain” Susan C., their husbands and another couple (Barb S. who should have been with us!) The stories about the trip were flowing nicely like the wine, when Marylou presented me with a surprise . . . The ring in a beautiful travelling jewelry case . . . which I won’t be passing on!

Marylou presenting me with the Travelling Ring!

Marylou presenting me with the Travelling Ring!!

I’ve only been wearing the ring for a few days at this point, but it has already given me many moments of joy remembering. It has also given me a challenge . . . who should have it next? Wait for the next installment!