Women With Wings just got better!

Women With Wings just got better!  We know that fitness is a part of every active traveler’s lifestyle, and who would be better to partner with than Fresh Air Life?  North Shore dynamo Jennifer Hewlett leads women in walks, hikes, kayaking and paddleboarding.  Join for the season or drop into any of her programs and experience for yourself how friendships and good health contribute to a better you!  
The trails of Ireland are beckoning, so watch for our first joint hiking tour which will be launched shortly. Not enough time for a long trip?  We’ll have an answer for that as well!
The luckiest of us have some spare time, and Jennifer’s team is actively involved in volunteer work here in the city.  Whether they are working with women on the East Side, spreading cheer at Children’s Hospital, or just helping a friend in need, they understand the importance of giving back.  It’s a big, happy family, and we invite you to join!