The ladies have landed in Delhi!

Knowing that we had a 2:30 am arrival into Delhi after traveling over 20 hours we expected to arrive exhausted, but CathayPacific took great care of us, the guide was waiting and before long we were settled into the beautiful Le Meridien Hotel.  There were just 3 of us here today and we took the opportunity to drive through the city (several times!) and to soak up the ambience.  Oh yes, and we shopped…of course we shopped.  Taking some time to really explore the fabric shops was a treat – we learned just why the Indian ladies always look so put together – the fabrics for the outfits are co ordinated so that the pants, tunic and scarf are all in complimentary shades. Absolutely gorgeous.  Just 48 hours to sew them, so by Thursday we’ll be looking like the locals!   Great dinner at a local restaurant, a night cap in the hotel lounge , and we’re off to bed – the group arrives in the morning! 

Gates leading to Rashtrapati Bahavan