Here are a few notes and photos from our guests who have traveled with Women With Wings.

Portugal 2022
Around every corner was spectacular views and Luis (the local guide) would add some stories along the way.  At the end of the walk, small sandy beaches with the surfers and refreshments for all.
All guides were so well organized and communicated well with all of us.  They wanted us to have the best experience possible and we did.  

Hard to pick a highlight.  Hiking the craggy cliffs fantastic, views spectacular.  The Junior Jacques distillery tasting, the artisan shops, the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The champagne at sunset stupendous.

I miss being with everyone, (such a sisterhood created….an amazing outcome with eleven women!) and especially Hanne and her calm presence and the secure feeling that she had our backs and would do what she could to resolve any issues that came up.  (They didn’t, as far as I was aware.)  

Hiking in the Algarve

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France 2022

I liked the itinerary and where we biked, through forests and fields and along canals. I also liked that we would stop for coffee in small villages. And when we’d get back to barge if there was time we could bike to the village or a couple of times some of us biked up to castles.  

The Clair du Lune barge experience was magical, fascinating and great accommodation. All the staff was wonderful and kudos to the amazing chef who made the most delicious meals every day. The food was excellent & I really liked how we could pack our own lunches as well.                                                                            

The Vincent van Gogh Walk

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Newfoundland, 2022
What a wonderful trip! The people of Newfoundland were a highlight – so generous and accommodating…Paul cracking lobster in Twillingate, the waitress from Fishers’ Loft that working in the gift shop in Trinity who guided us to a nearby place for lunch. The extra music events were wonderful. 

A wonderful trip that included interesting sites, lots of learning, great leadership, good company, and a stress free holiday.

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Size was great and happy hours  a good addition as everyone got to know each other.

There were so many highlights, but a few would be seeing the icebergs, staying at Fisher’s Loft and Inn, and the hikes (which were all different). I had such a great time on that trip and you were part of the reason.


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Yukon, 2020


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Mexico City, 2019


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Italy, 2019

Figs found on our walk

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Croatia, 2019


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Chicago, 2019

I loved Chicago, the art and architecture and the great food 

Thank you for showing us so much of what Chicago is all about!  The trip was fabulous and filled with new sites, new adventures and new friends.  A wonderful holiday!

We did so much and had a wonderful time in Chicago, thanks to your thoughtfulness and those lovely little, and not so little touches along the way.


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Bali, 2018

The tour was very enlightening and the tour escorts and guides were enthusiastic, fun, interesting, compassionate and well informed. 

Beyond my wildest expectations…it was perfect from start to finish


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Croatia, 2018

The hiking program was great and the Prestige was beautiful and clean. A personal highlight of mine was jumping off the ship for a swim in the ocean.

It was great seeing such a beautiful country and learning about its history.


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Argentina, 2017

I would never have gone to these remote villages on my own, or without someone like Estela and Colleen. It was a remarkable insight into the lives of these people…It was unforgettable. 

A group of 10 and 2 leaders was ideal and led to a cohesive group allowing us to get to know and appreciate each other.

The best trip of my life. I love Latin countries, music, red meat, tango and red wine. The women were travelled,  kind, compassionate and flexible. 

34b ARG 2017 Bordo de las Lanzas

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Santa Fe, 2017

I would travel almost anywhere in the world with Women With Wings, knowing I’d be well taken care of and we’d have fun. 

One of the most pleasant and easiest trips ever… Great fun, entertaining and a great “Bon Voyage”.

The leaders are in the right profession – so kind, organized, fun and adventurous… I really loved meeting the other girls and hope to continue with some of the friendships.


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