Monthly Archives: September 2010

To the south…

Here we sit at the gorgeous Taj Malabar in Kochi (Cohcin) – a welcome change from the urban chaos in the northern cities.  What experiences we have had – we’ve been jostled on buses and trains, visited some of the world’s top heritage sites and spent time with street children who have safety and mentorship amidst a city […]

Notes from the road

Varanasi is a holy city for the Hindus – an many come there to die. The ghats in the morning are a hive of activity, with people praying, washing both themselves and their laundry and worshipping the river.

We can’t do much more than input photos as what we see on a daily basis is overwhelming . . . words cannot describe the sights, sounds, smells and chaos of Indian street life.

The whole flock has arrived!

This was the first group to arrive and even though some came in the middle of the night, they were all keen to start exploring the first day! Old Delhi was an assault on all our senses. The teeming humanity, the sights, sounds and smells captivated us all as we rode rickshaws through the (very)narrow […]

The ladies have landed in Delhi!

Knowing that we had a 2:30 am arrival into Delhi after traveling over 20 hours we expected to arrive exhausted, but CathayPacific took great care of us, the guide was waiting and before long we were settled into the beautiful Le Meridien Hotel.  There were just 3 of us here today and we took the opportunity to […]