Chile & Argentina: Crossing the Andes Twice!

Wine tasting at the top wineries on both sides of the Andes, star-gazing from one of Chiles’ prestigious astronomical observatories, stunning rock formations and petroglyphs rivalling the Grand Canyon, and traveling to the northernmost tip of Patagonia with its turquoise lakes, historic estancias and traditional  gaucho culture. Our adventure takes us full circle, crossing the majestic Andes mountain range twice.

We take in the best of central Chile and Argentina starting in the vibrant capital city of Santiago, known for its world-renowned wineries in the fertile valleys nestled between the cool waters of the Pacific and the imposing Andes. From Santiago we go north, past gorgeous beaches and quaint fishing villages, towards La Serena where we star gaze from Cerro Tololo, one of Chile’s astronomical observatories. Time for our first crossing of the spectacular Andes mountain range towards Argentina! These mineral-rich mountains will take your breath away with incredible colours and ice formations. Arriving in Argentina we visit two of its National Parks (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Stunning rock formations and petroglyphs 1,500 years old truly rival the Grand Canyon. Heading south we can’t miss Mendoza, home of the Malbec and Argentinas main wine region. Along with its wineries, we go through several small indigenous villages dotted along the base of the Andes–all with spectacular views of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

Further south we reach the province of Neuquén, the northernmost tip of Patagonia and home to gauchos, historic estancias and the beautiful lakes and mountains Patagonia is famous for. Our second crossing of the Andes takes us back to the Pacific and to visit the area of the indigenous Mapuche people, skilled artisans in textiles and pottery. We make our way back to Santiago to finish the circle as we take in the local hotsprings and the famous seafood of Chiles coastline before we end our adventure.