Here are a few notes from our guests who have traveled with Women With Wings.


Croatia, 2018

The hiking program was great and the Prestige was beautiful and clean. A personal highlight of mine was jumping off the ship for a swim in the ocean.

It was great seeing such a beautiful country and learning about its history


Argentina, 2017

I would never have gone to these remote villages on my own, or without someone like Estela and Colleen. It was a remarkable insight into the lives of these people…It was unforgettable. 

A group of 10 and 2 leaders was ideal and led to a cohesive group allowing us to get to know and appreciate each other.

The best trip of my life. I love Latin countries, music, red meat, tango and red wine. The women were travelled,  kind, compassionate and flexible. 


Santa Fe, 2017

I would travel almost anywhere in the world with Women With Wings, knowing I’d be well taken care of and we’d have fun. 

One of the most pleasant and easiest trips ever… Great fun, entertaining and a great “Bon Voyage”.

The leaders are in the right profession – so kind, organized, fun and adventurous… I really loved meeting the other girls and hope to continue with some of the friendships.